Congratulations, You’re in the Medium Place!

Photo cred to a Mr. R. Barnes who now has a girlfriend. Bye sexy, I’ll miss your funny pictures.

Holy bananas another year. What can I say? I’ve been indulging in great movies of the past – creeping on Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet, all male cast members in Center Stage and the whole lot of them in Cruel Intentions. Side note: All of those movies have soundtracks that I love. Puhhleeeasseee let me DJ your next party?!

I started reading romance books that were turned into movies because I’d way rather be able to cry for a whole day on a 600 page binge than watch the movie anyway.

Netflix is almost a new kind of torture these days (scroll for 45 minutes-to-an-hour and then go to bed instead of watching anything) but since I started watching The Good Place, I’m pretty sure if that I’m dead, I’m in The Medium Place.

Hello. Welcome to the Medium Place. You are also an okay person. Congratulations.

I took a break from the old blog mostly because I was dating an asshole who, I’m pretty sure, kept getting worse for the sole purpose of getting a blog post. (You win, happy?!) Somewhere in the depths of my Gmail account a draft exists. Too bad that, along with many many things that fall under the blanket category of CYA, is categorically unsearchable.

Since it has been basically a half of a year since the last time I had sex, or kissed a boy or done anything that one might use baseball terminology to discuss in loud whispers and giggles between fourth and fifth period, I’ve got little. Thanks 2017, you included ill-advised liaisons in my really, really gross graduate office, another superbly ill-advised liaison with the bar manager at Atchafalaya (He “didn’t know he had a girlfriend” — wtf??) and then I ditched NOLA for a spell and hopped on a plane to Spain and here I am.

Last December, I moved out of my disaster of an apartment that, surprisingly didn’t kill me, (that I simultaneously loved thanks to the proximity to my best friend’s house, three separate bedrooms, a screened in porch and a washer/dryer) and snapped this photo:


Thanks to the Chinese restaurant for always giving me cookies as though my solo order was for a family. Thanks also to my sister who saved the number of the Chinese place so I survived grad school.

Happy New Year, don’t have too much fun without me.



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