Apparently I’m a Cunt

When Sometimes Boyfriend’s new ogre of a girlfriend decided to scream in front of the whole street like a drunken fool, “Why are you such a cunt!?” and smash a drink over my costume it reminded me of a bully one time on the school bus. Happy Mardi Gras! (My outfit is wet, shall I explain to the world why you used a female vagina as an insult?!)

Back to bulling. Man, that time on the bus was rough. It was the day I learned that a) I’m not symmetrical and b) what a queef is. This was a rough day (that day and today) Boys are the worst.

2016-02-09 06.31.01.jpg

My wig never recovered…

Back to bullying – on the school bus! In the 90s when that was a thing.. So, after the whole bullying escapade we all get called to the principal’s office and I had to (Miriam Webster) explain what a QUEEF was. SO, said. “It is a fart from the vagina”, ma’am. (that last bit is debatable…)

I love words. Today I learned how to be classy. Thanks for making me proud to be a cunt.

Also, I have not been in (lost, I promise) a fight since I was twenty, so… I will not be provoked even though in my mind I played out all the winning hair pulling massacre that one dreams of when girls are being mean.


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