Do your self a favor and don’t go to Manhattan Jack on a Saturday or Sunday. As a matter of fact, only go if you can arrive at 9 am on a Tuesday because that is the only day that the kitchen can accommodate your order. Sadly, since 9am is after all of the office people pillaged the bagel supply, you might not get to eat one of these coveted treats even on a Tuesday. Be prepared to be SOL on that front. However, if you do manage to secure a bagel, the pretzel bagel sandwich is delicious. Super small, you might have to fight someone for a second order because of that supply/demand issue.

Also, apparently they do not accommodate special orders even when you are only requesting a special order because they are sold out of everything that they actually put on their menu. Be careful if you change to bread, you might just end up with half a sandwich. Today I ordered my regular pretzel bagel sandwich without cheese. They can usually manage that. Not today. Today the LAST BAGEL in house was mine and they slathered cheese all over my sandwich and served it to me on a dirty plate that had some other person’s jam on it. Gross. I couldn’t even ask for another one because there were no more.

My friend had it worse. They were sold out of bagels by her turn (next) so she ended up making a sandwich on toast. For some reason (even though everyone else got full sandwiches) she only got a half. Maybe they ran out of bread too? They also wouldn’t let her add lox. Apparently it is the lox plate or nothing on that front. No avocado. But they do have guacamole. Just kidding. After offering guacamole the (barrista?) took it back because they were out of that too.

I feel pretty shitty about today because I convinced my best friend that crossing town was a great idea to grab some late breakfast and do some writing. I spent the drive hyping her up about how great the coffee is here and how delicious the bagels are. From years in the service industry, I know what its like when the kitchen goes down (it sucks.) but sometimes it happens. Today’s disaster could have been prevented. 1) Why did you stop making bagels but keep pumping out rice crispy treats? NO ONE WANTS A RICE CRISPY TREAT. 2) WTF with the internet policy? Once again, are you a coffee shop or a restaurant? (See below re: internet.)

Did you not hear? Their WiFi is not on until TWO on the weekends. WTF? If you are trying to be a restaurant and not a coffee shop, fine. But at least have enough food to back your credibility as a restaurant. The toxic attitude from the kitchen oozed into the entire space and there is no one that wasn’t stressed out as a result. Thankfully one of the staff saved the day and was super nice and got me a new plate and worked some magic to get the internet turned on 45 minutes early. Hallelujah!

The WiFi thing was the icing on burnt cookie because not only do they not have any food left at 1pm on a Sunday, they also make it impossible to work. Even at their communal table which is void of the menacing sings about tables being for reserved for “breakfast and lunch customers only.”

Get it together, Manhattan Jack. Are you a restaurant or a coffee shop? I couldn’t even get a pretzel bagel sandwich at 8:45am on a Saturday. Yesterday! I was told “we didn’t make them yet today.” Why would the bakers not bake something that is on the menu? Silly me for coming back today. What a bummer.


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