Let’s go a’Kin!

Today I will not regale you with stories of the foregone conclusion that embodies Sometimes Boyfriend or even attempt an explanation as to why he may, or may not, still be relevant in my life. I will also save the jaw dropping variety of mean texts that Hot Chef sent my way for later. (Yes, there was a Hot Chef. No, I’m not ready to talk about it.) I swear, no tears in Bananas-land. Today, we are talking about food.

The other day I got a text from one of my best friends about making plans for dinner at Kin. My first thought was sending a silly emoji that captures the frustration of autocorrect. Because what is Kin? Seriously. A note on autocorrect: NO ONE IS EVER DUCKING. What is ducking? I’m either sexting or I’m super pissed and DUCKing is definitely not a thing. Basically autocorrect is the kryptonite to being mad or having phone sex. No prissy is doing anything. It is my pussy. Get with the program, iPhone. You are ruining my sass.

Come a’Kin? Ha sorry I was dying to use that. Back to Kin. As it turns out, Kin is a restaurant.  The space takes up a mostly barren stretch of a street that crosses between the Garden District and Mid City so, although it is kind of isolated, it is definitely on the way to, or from, lots of things. It sits under a billboard which is kind of funny, but across the street there is a gorgeous garden store so the outside vista is actually more lush than the address implies.

The food was great although the service was humorous at best. This was a thank you dinner for watching basically the coolest cat (feline, not jazz musician) that has ever existed (may mine rest in peace) so really no thanks were necessary but it was still a lovely gesture. Also we got to exercise our cool muscles by trying out this new eatery basically in the middle of nowhere. See and be seen, bitches.

But really though, our server was utterly uncomfortable with the fact that we were just chatting and wanted to order an appetizer and then go from there as opposed to just planning out our whole meal. Kind of annoying. We were catching up and wanted to pace the meal as we saw fit, as well as, feel out how big the portions were since neither of us had been there.

We may have been slightly punished for that because the time delay between food ordered and food served was immense. They have no liquor license so we ran out of wine before we had time for the fish course but the chilled shrimp dish we started with had this amazingly surprising peel of cucumber that just would not stop. It was comical to eat. I thought I was reaching over to to make a bite but that cucumber, it just kept unraveling. Mesmerizing. I also ordered some variety of meat… it was delicious. It was probably a cheek and I believe it was braised so it was super tender and then crispy fried. YUM. I can’t find their menu online to confirm what, exactly, was consumed. But it was good. And there were a lot of veggies on the plate that did not mix with the meat so my dear pescetarian friend had some bites too.

Bread is served with miso butter, something new to me. The sweetness of the mixture was interesting but I kept eating it more out of curiosity than out of actually preferring it. We waited a little too long to order our second course, the ravioli dish. It took for…e…ver and we did a quick inventory of our bottle of wine and realized that it would be a 30 minute wait if we ordered the fish dish that we talked about and just skipped to dessert.

No hot coffee!! Sad face. I don’t know if they are applying for a liquor license or not, but as of now it is BYO so plan ahead as nothing is nearby. I flipped through some photos on Yelp today. I’m doing a cleanse starting tomorrow, so… maybe again in July!? Who’s coming with me? #occupycommunaltable.


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