To Many More…

Awhile back my sister shared with me this cool site she uses called Rent the Runway. I’m sure many of you are familiar with it but as the writer of Bananas, I can assure you that the idea of renting a garment is risky to me. First question, “What happens if you lose it?” That got laughs. I wasn’t kidding though. I really wanted to know what happens if you lose this rented $3,000 dress. Not like I would intentionally pull a Lindsay Lohan, (I love you, Lindsay! Get your shit together, girl!!) but sometimes clothes come off. Costume changes! Swimming pools! These things are real. The struggle is real, my friends. Anyway… to date, my sister has not lost a dress and so together, for Fancy Lady Night when she comes to town, I am going to give it a whirl. Bananas to come re: all things borrowed.

I decided on a jumpsuit, because they are badass. The issue is that in regular people stores, the sizing is totally whacko. I will put on a size 2 and it will be baggy, forcing me to put on a zero. I’m not bitching about being slender, I’m bitching because that is not a real size representation. It is like the chain retailers got together Zoolander-style and decided that America is on average, obese, and they should make everyone feel better and buy more things by just calling what used to be a size 8, a size 6. So now, although you can order two sizes, I have to sort out what size in celebrity/Europe I currently am. Yayyyyy.

Wish me luck. Also, on this day, the last day of my 20’s, I’d like to take a minute to thank the universe for the opportunity to fail happily, tragically and everything in between so many, many times. I am fittingly hungover because my Birthday Soul Sister had a celebration last night, and in true form, I rejoiced! After being slightly stressed about secretly dropping off a birthday cake amid work deadlines, working out and wanting to spend time with a boy that I am excited about, I relaxed and enjoyed hanging out with friends. Maybe being a little excited about birthdays, new job/boy/life goals helped lubricate the fun, along with a lovely afternoon of mani-pedis birthday girl-style. But then I just got bottles on bottles. Seriously, I really like wine and went from eh, I’ll split a bottle with a friend right on to shoving delicious cake in my face along with ordering another bottle of rose and then just straight rolling through the Borolos and whatnot. Have you been there? If not, it’s fun. You should try it, or better yet, join us! Next week is a cleanse for sure. Or for maybe, I don’t know. A girl has needs. All Hail Vegetables!

Now, lets all say “Happy Birthday!” and “Cheers!” and all that…”To many more!”


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2 thoughts on “To Many More…”

  1. Happy birthday Andrea!! I don’t have your cell number and you move disappeared off FB so your fab blog will have to do (;

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