Don’t Mess with My Bananas

Okay…guilty. While I own canvas bags, I regularly forget to bring them to the grocery store. I know. I am a terrible human. And for that, I am sorry.

But seriously, why are the checkout people always so rough with my bananas? I don’t want bruised bananas. I actually like my bananas pretty firm. (l do!)

The worst offender is Whole Foods because after you’ve just unloaded $75 on produce and a few other items, if you didn’t bring your own bag, they put everything in ONE BAG. You are basically guaranteed to come home with your expensive produce all mangled in the name of conservation.

Odd because at other stores, eggs have to go in their own bag. It makes no sense. They are in a carton and therefor not that fragile. I promise…they can go with the bread. They can go with the herbs. They can go with all kinds of things, just put them in the bottom first and then add light things to the top.

But it isn’t just Whole Foods offending my bananas. I’ve noticed this horrible act at markets all over the country. Slamming bananas down on the weigh/scan part. Tossing them haphazardly down toward the bagging end. “BE GENTLE!!!” my eyes scream, “THEY WILL BRUISE!”

Moreover, in general I hate when someone else bags my groceries. This was particularly annoying when I was on my bike because its all got to be weighted properly. Especially because my neighborhood Rouses (and I’m sure most other groceries around the country) puts on average 3 items per bag. I feel like I need to get a cat, to get a litter box just to have something to DO with all of these plastic bags.

As a side note, if my apartment were a sitcom, my roommate would be perfect because he is almost always eating a banana when I see him. I don’t think he cares if they are bruised and eats them well into the browner-stage of ripe. Good for him. Generally in his underwear. Sometimes I find the peels in random places – that’s how I track him.

I must remember those canvas bags.

There’s always next time.


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