Cauliflower is the New Kale?

According to a recent post by Shape Magazine, “Cauliflower is the New Kale.”

Interesting, very interesting.

I eat a lot of cauliflower and certainly enjoy both ordering it out and making it at home. I’m not a vegetarian but if I see a cauliflower steak on the menu, you better believe I’m ordering it. (I’ll probably order a real steak too because I generally order everything.) I love to throw it into the mix with some whipped potatoes or roast it in the oven for a salad. Its delicious raw and cooked. But if I want to be really honest (and I do), it is more like a vessel for all the other yummy flavors you mix it with, which is why it is great in curry.

Had I known that this cruciferous vegetable was both anti-inflammatory and good for your immune system I’d have written about it sooner. Anti-cancer, you say?! Perfect. I might say that I eat more cauliflower than most humans. Ever. But that is beside the point. What we are trying to figure out here is whether or not it is possible for 2015 to kick kale to the curb in favor of its brother from another mother, CAULIFLOWER.

Here’s my take: cauliflower is delicious and somewhat nutritious but the “new” kale? That is a stretch. Until cauliflower has billboards and a Twitter account, I don’t believe it. Does cauliflower have a trending hashtag? I think not. Everyone knows that the dark greens are the superlatively bad ass of the vegetables and do all the good things. And cauliflower gives you gas.

Put that in your blender and juice it.


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