Who Moved My Quinoa?

Quinoa changed my life in a good way. It helped mitigate the terrible news that “the bread diet” is not a thing and it is the (over) consumption of carbs that will, in fact, make you gain weight. (Sad face.) This nutty, nutrient-rich seed filled the void on my plate in my health-minded adulthood resulting from years growing up as a meat and potatoes kind of gal.

Over time I’ve honed my quinoa usage, finding a place for it in breakfast dishes as well as traditional lunch and dinner fare. For the morning variety, leftovers are the name of the game. My What’s Around mentality drove me to create a hearty Latin-inspired breakfast dish that is fantastic for hosting guests, and can be whipped up in minutes using leftover quinoa and a few items from the pantry. Think over-easy eggs, quinoa, and a spicy mixture of garlic, diced red onion, can of whole peeled tomatoes and a can of black beans. Looks all fancy, tastes delicious and is super easy. Sliced avocado. You get the idea, it is delicious.

But have you ever tried to describe this magical food to a grocery store clerk who has no idea what you are talking about? I have. A memorable occasion happened when my neighborhood Rouses was undergoing renovation so it was harder than usual and involved sharing my schpeal with three different individuals, puzzling each. It goes something like this: “It’s not a grain, it’s actually a seed. But because it is often served where one could serve rice, it could be near rice. Sometimes it is in the organic section but not always. Or maybe by pasta? Have you seen quinoa anywhere?”

Good luck on your next quest. And you know what, change is good. And hey, maybe you will make a new friend in search of quinoa. Worse things have happened.


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